Diana Burk

Senior Project Manager

Diana has been involved in energy policy and sustainability work for over 14 years. Previous to working with NBI she worked to improve the stringency of Georgia’s building energy code and educate code officials across the Southeast on their understanding and enforcement of their state’s building energy codes. She has conducted technical and economic analysis to aid the Department of Energy’s appliance standards program. She also consulted for the Building Technologies program at the Department of Energy to fund research in and increase market penetration for energy efficient building technologies. Most recently she worked as Director of Sustainability at a boarding school where she helped develop a sustainability and climate action plan that resulted in cutting the school’s carbon emissions in half. Diana has a Bachelors Degree in Physics from Davidson College and a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University, where she conducted research on photovoltaics. She is a LEED AP O+M and WELL AP.