Cathy Higgins

Research Director

Cathy Higgins has over 25 years in energy efficiency strategic planning, research, policy and large-scale project management. As NBI Research Director, she manages the portfolio of work involving Zero Net Energy Buildings, measured performance, emerging technologies and supports business development. She frequently shares findings on buildings and market trends nationally through conferences, webinars and meetings with practioners, program staff, and policy makers. Cathy is currently leading field-evidence on radiant cooling and heating systems with UC Berkeley, the commercial section of the new California ZNE Technology Research Roadmap, and is about to start the “Leading in LA” project to demonstrate emerging technology retrofits in existing buildings.

Her work on the project, business and energy performance stories of high performance buildings is a part of NBI’s efforts to move the market toward low-and zero energy targets. Cathy has also engaged in regional and national committees to move best practices into programs and standards and codes, set targets for energy performance and increase measured performance data.

Prior to joining NBI in 2000, she served as Director of the Oregon Municipal Energy and Conservation Agency and was a Commercial Conservation Manager with Bonneville Power Administration. Cathy is a LEED Accredited Professional and has been recognized as the Oregon, and the National, Energy Manager of the year. She spent four years in HVAC sales and management. Her undergraduate studies were in urban and resource planning, with graduate work in energy economics.