Interactive Map of Carbon Neutral School Districts

Online Tool / June 1, 2023 / Getting to Zero

This interactive map includes districts that have addressed healthy, efficient, resilient schools by adopting formal goals to tackle carbon emissions. These goals may be written into policies, resolutions, plans, design standards, or other formal mechanisms. Carbon emissions reductions encompass a wide range of approaches that may include energy efficiency, renewables, electrification, operational carbon, battery storage, and embodied carbon. This map and database are primarily focused on tracking the foundational aspects of carbon emissions but may include other topics such as resiliency, fleet, climate justice, health, and curriculum. These topics have been included in the map as an additional layer of filters.

This database will continue to be updated. Would you like to have your carbon neutral resolution, policy, or plan added to this list? Email [email protected].

Note that this map is not exhaustive for those districts that are focusing on goals such as transportation electrification, renewables, or student engagement. Please see the additional trackers and maps below for these specific and focused topics: