Daylighting Pattern Guide

Online Tool / December 20, 2015 / Building Innovation, New Construction / Daylighting

The Daylighting Pattern Guide is a free, interactive tool that helps design teams incorporate proven daylighting strategies into commercial building projects for substantial reductions in lighting power consumption and overall building energy use.

Why Daylighting Matters

High quality daylighting design has the potential to increase user satisfaction and productivity. In addition, when used in conjunction with energy-efficient lighting and controls, daylighting can reduce energy consumed by electric lighting by up to 70% as well as reduce overall building energy use.

Successfully designing daylighting into buildings in a manner that supports high ratings of visual comfort while also saving energy can be a complex and challenging process. The Daylighting Pattern Guide can help. This interactive tool, with 19 prime examples of well-designed daylit spaces around the United States, helps users find good examples of daylighting.

Inside the Daylighting Pattern Guide

  • A visual and interactive platform equally useful to both those with and without experience in daylighting and lighting design practices.
  • Easy-to-understand daylighting design principles
  • 19 prime examples of well-designed daylit spaces from around the United States.
  • A range of examples representing a wide range of spatial scales and uses. Project types include: offices, schools, libraries, laboratories, museums, industrial facilities, and recreational facilities.

Learn more about the guide with this printer friendly factsheet.

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