Bringing Heat Pump Water Heaters into the Mainstream

Report / February 10, 2021 / Building Innovation

The Advanced Water Heating Initiative (AWHI) Playbook and 2020 Progress Report summarizes the activities of AWHI through the end of 2020. The West Coast AWHI has made tremendous progress in the two years it has been underway.

In this report we’ve documented 2020 progress organized by the three AWHI strategic focus areas, followed by the Initiative’s 2021 priorities and plans for national expansion. The full progress report provides details by working group around advancing specific technologies and methods. It also, importantly, serves as a playbook and motivator for policy, programs, and market actors across the U.S. to work simultaneously and collaboratively toward these same goals.


Additional Resources

The AWHI Progress Snapshot: This summary includes highlights from the AWHI Playbook and 2020 Progress Report.
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