2019 New York Getting to Zero Status Report

Report / April 15, 2019 / Getting to Zero / Zero Net Energy (ZNE)

The 2019 New York Getting to Zero Status Report is a first-of-its-kind review of the state of the net zero energy buildings market in New York State and provides detailed policy and market context about New York’s leading role in advancing deeply energy-efficient and low-carbon projects. Against the backdrop of the State's energy efficiency commitment and recognizing the prominence of Net Zero Energy (NZE) and Net Zero Carbon (NZC) buildings to New York’s climate goals, NYSERDA commissioned this summary.


NZE buildings are highly efficient buildings in which energy use is equal to or less than the energy supplied to the building by renewable sources on an annual basis. As this report indicates, New York leads the Northeast region in number of documented NZE projects statewide including a list of the 132 best-in-class net zero energy, high performance, and Passive House buildings across New York State. With this first statewide study, NYSERDA takes an important and necessary step to establishing a baseline and highlighting progress towards scaling NZE buildings to become an integral solution to New York’s clean energy and climate action goals.