Research is the foundation to advancing the energy performance of buildings. NBI studies show a pathway to more advanced design practices and technology applications.

Read the Zero Net Energy Building Controls report on the characteristics, energy impacts and lessons of control design.

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Zero Net Energy

Feasibility of zero net energy (ZNE) buildings is proven and the number of projects is growing–both in building types and locations. See NBI’s latest research on ZNE including a current list of verified and emerging projects.

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Outcome-Based Performance

Measuring buildings based on performance outcomes is an emerging trend in high performance buildings that allows owners and operators to understand operational energy demands in addition to design intention. NBI studies and market research are on the leading edge of performance based outcomes.

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New Construction

Breakthrough research and testing on design approaches and technology applications are driving advances in building energy performance. NBI’s Advanced Building program features studies on mechanical systems, lighting design, plug loads and more that are the bedrock for guidance development.

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Deep Energy Retrofits

Deep energy retrofits offer a chance to make the 99% of buildings that are already built energy efficient. NBI research examines holistic approaches to renovation that integrate lighting, mechanical, envelope, plug loads and other energy loads to transform existing buildings into “new” high performance projects.

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See the latest ZNE verified and emerging buildings on the California ZNE Watchlist

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