Zero Net Energy Building Trends and ZEDx Presentations

New Buildings Institute (NBI) recently completed its annual list of ZNE verified and emerging buildings and is hosting a free webinar to share the trends identified through study of these model projects. Join NBI Research Director Cathy Higgins as well as several industry experts spotlighting their experiences in zero net energy.


Pacific Time:

We apologize for the technical difficulties that our viewers experienced in the live broadcast of this session. Unfortunately the difficulties are present in the recording as well. Please reference the PDF for the appropriate slides to go along with the narrative in the recording.

This is the first of several upcoming webinar events featuring highlights from the 2016 Getting to Zero National Forum held last October in Denver. These sessions are intended to share the critical perspectives and inquiries of leading designers, real estate professionals, owners, policy makers, operators and others on the policies, programs, design practices, cost considerations and operational aspects that are driving successful ZNE projects across the United States.

Presenters and webinar presentations will include:

Cathy Higgins | Research Director, NBI

Cathy Higgins, Research Director, New Buildings Institute

Andy Bush | Principal, Morgan Creek Ventures
ZNE and Triple Bottom Line: Maximizing social, environmental, and financial sustainability at Boulder Commons ZNE Office Building

Neil Bulger | Principal, Building Performance Team, Integral Group
Tools and Design Strategies of Resilient, Unpluggable Buildings to Achieve Zero Energy

Kenner Kingston | President, Architectural Nexus
Transforming Occupants into Inhabitants

Brett Moss | Training Director, Net Zero Plus Electrical Training Institute Best Practices for Achieving Zero Net Energy for Existing Commercial Buildings Through Extensive Retrofits