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Tuning Buildings for Tomorrow’s Electric Grid: Building-side Perspectives on Building-Grid Optimization in California

As more renewable energy sources come online in the state of California, buildings have a critical role to play in ensuring that tomorrow’s electricity grid is clean, affordable, reliable, and safe. When energy is used--not just how much is used--is becoming more important. But what can home and building owners, operators, designers, and builders actually do?

Informed by more than three years of work by the GridOptimal® Buildings Initiative, this webinar will focus on straightforward steps relevant to both new and existing buildings that will improve building-grid integration. Presenters will cover key market, technology, and policy context, discuss key strategies available in buildings today, including energy efficiency, grid-integrated HVAC controls, thermal mass, and energy storage, and highlight key resources and programs available today. Join us to learn when and how to deploy these and other approaches in a range of specific building types and climates across California.

Original Air Date: May 12, 2022

Webinar Speakers: