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Streamlined Permitting & Inspections: Solar, Storage, EV Charging Lessons Learned

Join us for a deep dive into New Buildings Institute (NBI)’s work with new tools for clean energy permitting and inspection, highlighting resources and case studies.

Our experienced panelists will discuss the best practices in permitting and inspection and will provide valuable insights to ensure compliance with the latest code requirements and safety standards:

  1. Comprehensive permitting and inspection guidelines for single family, multifamily, and office PV, energy storage, and EV supply equipment
  2. Suggested requirements for permit submission
  3. Sample permit applications
  4. Plan review checklist
  5. Field inspection checklist
  6. Sample standard electrical line diagrams



This session is primarily for service providers working in authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), such as building departments and fire services, who want to improve their permitting and inspection practices for renewable energy systems. The session is also relevant for architects, designers, and installers seeking to understand the requirements for permitting these technologies in local jurisdictions.

The upcoming webinar is designed to be interactive, offering participants the chance to engage with our panelists. You can share your thoughts on how the available tools can be utilized to improve consistency and save time. Bring your questions and ideas!