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Sizzling Solutions: Accelerating Heat Mitigation – Policies, Programs, and Design Dynamics!

Join New Buildings Institute and Cool Roof Rating Council for an informative journey through heat mitigation policies and cool surface strategies! Speakers will present examples of extreme heat mitigation policies that are in progress in several jurisdictions and how to incorporate heat mitigation efforts into building and energy codes. In addition, building designers will illustrate how to successfully incorporate cool roofs and walls with building longevity and resilience in mind. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the increasing health and societal impact of rising temperatures
  2. Learn about innovative programs tackling urban heat islands and reducing the impact of extreme heat
  3. Examine city planning strategies for heat resilience
  4. Understand the importance of involving local communities in new programs and policies
  5. Describe strategies to incorporate cool surfaces in building design and construction