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Schools are Leading! A Closer Look at Districts Getting to Zero Energy

Schools are leading the race to zero energy (ZE) construction with over 100 verified and emerging educational buildings across the country. These buildings are low-energy projects that consume only as much energy as they produce from renewable resources. Watch our one-hour webinar where experts highlight regional projects and discuss the process of stakeholder engagement, team selection, design and construction, as well as operating to ZE. Attendees will learn how to apply ZE practices to projects in their own districts to achieve healthier and productive learning spaces for teachers and students. ZE school buildings also save money on utility expenses--money that can be reinvested in the classroom. CMTA's Tony Hans and Amy Cortese of NBI demonstrate why a growing number of school districts are getting on the path to zero, and proving that ZE is possible in both new construction and existing school retrofits.

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