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Industry Titans Roundtable – Getting to Zero in the Building Sector by 2030

Zero energy and carbon neutral pledges from leading building industry organizations are accelerating the AEC community toward zero. US Green Building Council, ASHRAE, Urban Land Institute, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and other industry titans have committed to progressing codes and policies. They are promoting the benefits of net zero buildings and are providing their members with advanced education and design guidance for delivering a clean energy future. There is ample evidence that buildings can get to net zero new construction by 2030 cost-effectively if we plan ahead and collaborate across the real estate value chain. Hear from market leaders about how innovation and market adoption of new ideas is most successful when proponents align behind a shared vision for change. Learn about their collective impact, as well as other industry commitments, can bring about the changes needed to support Biden’s climate agenda. The session, which is part of U.S. Climate Action Week, answers questions around what those in the owner, architect, engineer, and contractor (OAEC) community can do today to meet local and national climate goals, and how to move toward all new buildings becoming net zero by 2030.

Original Air Date: April 22, 2021