Heat Pumps for Pools and Spas – Manufacturers Roundtable


July 17, 2024


10:00 am - 11:00 am America/Los_Angeles

Swimming pools are enjoyed by communities around the world and are often heated to provide more comfortable swimming year-round. But heating such large volumes of water can be very expensive and energy intensive. In this roundtable, we’ll discuss heat pumps for pools and spas, and the significant energy and cost savings they can provide.

Considering the sheer number of residential and commercial pools––California alone has over 1.3 million residential swimming pools––heat pumps have the potential to reduce energy use and carbon emissions from this sector significantly.  Paired with pool covers, pool owners can see a large reduction in the cost of heating.

Join us on July 17th as we look at the landscape of commercially available air-source heat pumps that are marketed specifically for pool heating and learn about some of the key considerations when considering this equipment. We’ll take a look at heat pumps for residential and commercial pools and hear about successful installations.


Vidhisha Moopnar – Project Analyst, New Buildings Institute – Vidhisha supports the Advanced Water Heating Initiative and the GridOptimal Building Initiative at NBI. She assists with technical research, policy analysis, data analysis, and data visualization and aids project initiatives by planning, creating roadmaps, interacting with stakeholders, and helping colleagues with technical convenings, memos, and presentations.

Dylan Anderson –   Electrification Analyst, Redwood Energy – Dylan Anderson is a graduate of the Environmental Science program at Humboldt State, with a focus in Energy and Climate. As an Electrification Analyst he helps write reports, compile energy analysis and affordable housing documentation, and develop novel research into electrification technologies.

Don Tuch – Territory Manager, AquaCal AutoPilot – Don manages Aquacal’s California and Northwest markets where he promotes AquaCal’s heat pumps for residential and commercial swimming pools. He has a bachelor’s degree from California State University in Business Administration.