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GridOptimal: Outcomes and Lessons Learned from the First Pilot Project

The role of buildings in the grid is changing as historic grid infrastructure strains to handle more centralized and distributed renewables, electric vehicles, and smart systems. Learn more about how in this webinar. NBI and USGBC are leading the GridOptimal Buildings Initiative, a collaborative project bringing together a wide range of organizations interested in optimizing building performance to promote grid integration. The first GridOptimal pilot project has recently been completed, at the headquarters office building of Sonoma Clean Power. The design team shares how new considerations, such as hourly marginal carbon emissions, impacted the design process. Presenters also share key outcomes and lessons learned from this first pilot project.

This is a “Best of the Forum” webinar highlighting one of the 2019 Getting to Zero Forum sessions and topics given high marks in the Forum follow up survey.

If you view this session before 1/14/2023 and you are seeking AIA credits, please email NBI Staff at [email protected] within 5 business days of viewing the recording for AIA credit submission assistance.