Patrick O’Shei


Patrick O’Shei serves as Director of Market Development at NYSERDA. Patrick is responsible for ensuring the success of the design and execution of market strategies under the Clean Energy Fund in the following areas: existing Commercial Buildings, Building Codes and New Construction in all markets, Products, Standards and Quality Assurance, Digital Solutions, and Information Products and Brokering. Patrick previously served as the Director of Performance Management and Market Standards where he directed the following functions: Reporting and Data Quality, Evaluation and Market Characterization as well as Standards and Quality Assurance.

Patrick began his career as a process engineer for a Fortune 50 manufacturing firm and quickly moved into the area of Quality Assurance. After graduate school, he became the Director of Total Quality Systems at a Fortune 500 manufacturing firm and a consultant in Quality Management and Organizational Excellence. After 16 years in manufacturing, he joined the executive team of the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health where he served as COO and concurrently became a Mentor in Business Management at SUNY Empire State College.

Over the next 14 years, Patrick became engaged in Facility Management, Construction, Business Development, Information Technology, Technology Management and Finance. He has developed and built a green hotel-conference center building and associated campus infrastructure as an Owner’s representative and served as the VP of Finance & Operations for a lighting retrofit construction ESCO. He has consulted for dozens of organizations over his career. He has built and led complex teams to successful outcomes in a variety of settings and across a broad spectrum of business and organizational challenges and opportunities.

He has a BS in Paper Science & Engineering from SUNY ESF and an MS in Applied & Mathematical Statistics from RIT. He joined NYSERDA in 2010.