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Monitoring and control systems are at the nexus of buildings and successful zero net energy (ZNE) performance, but little is understood about them, a new report conducted by NBI and released by the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) contends. "The findings of this study will help manufacturers target improvements, design teams to better integrate controls and work with contractors more effectively, and utilities to identify program priorities leading to a next generation of buildings that can be on the path to zero," said NBI CEO Ralph DiNola in this article from SmartGridNews. (11/24/2015) Read article

Join us for a webinar Tuesday, December 8, 10:00 am Pacific/1:00 pm Eastern to hear about the findings from the CABA “Zero Net Energy Building Controls: Characteristics, Energy Impacts and Lessons” Research project. This research focuses on three areas from the designer and user experience to surface details about how existing and emerging monitoring and control technologies are helping designers, building owners, operators and occupants achieve and maintain Zero Net Energy performance. Register now

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An Open Letter to America’s Architects

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I love movies where life as we know it will end unless someone can stop the massive meteor, or other catastrophe, from imploding the Earth. Everybody freaks out until some unlikely hero emerges with a risky, but innovative idea to save the day. The risk typically elicits some reluctance from our hero, but in the end he or she proceeds and prevails. Ah . . . all is well again. Read more »


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