National Grid Presents — Greater Energy Efficiency for Multifamily Buildings — Facing the Unique Challenges

Webinar / May 18, 2017 / New Construction

Learn strategies to achieve greater efficiency in multifamily buildings of all sizes. Multifamily buildings face a unique set of challenges when pursuing energy efficiency. They are buildings that we generally build more like commercial buildings but use more like residential buildings. Additionally, the multifamily market is divided between the residential and commercial energy codes; projects three stories and lower are subject to the residential code and projects four stories or more are subject to the commercial code. This course explores the energy issues particular to the multifamily market and strategies to achieve greater efficiency in multifamily buildings of all heights.

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This session presents strategies to achieve greater efficiency in multifamily buildings of all sizes including:

• Code landscape that affects multifamily buildings
• Issues particular to multifamily buildings that will impact energy design decisions
• The biggest opportunities for energy savings in multifamily buildings
• High performance features such as sustainability and LEED that lower ownership costs
• A broad array of strategies for pursuing greater efficiency in multifamily buildings

Who Should Attend?

• Design Professionals
• Architects and Engineers
• Property and Facility Managers
• Owners and Property Developers
• Energy Management Consultants


Sean Denniston, Senior Project Manager, New Buildings Institute, [email protected]
Sean uses his expertise for code analysis, tool development and research. He also manages NBI’s New Construction program, which provides technical resources for new construction projects.

Kristen Simmons, Account Manager, ICF
Kristen has more than 15 years of combined experience in all phases of building design and construction, energy efficiency and sustainability, and real-estate development. Ms. Simmons is a Past President and Co-Founder of Passive House Massachusetts; Co-Founder of the North American Passive House Network; and a member of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA).

Laura McNeill, Senior Channel Sales Representative, National Grid

Mark Brescia, Program Manager, National Grid