Three Recent Reports Catch Our Eye

The energy efficiency field is comprised of many groups and organizations conducting and publishing important work. Occasionally NBI comes across a report that not only helps to inform our efforts but which we consider critical to the advancement of energy efficiency measures.

-The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released a paper documenting how energy efficiency program administrators have used technical, institutional, financial, and other resources to help advance building energy codes at the federal, state and local levels and describes the issues involved in fostering an expanded administrator role for the future. View the report here: -A recent Rand Corporation study finds that the United States can reduce its energy consumption and create more “green” jobs by adopting some of the strategies used by the European Union (EU) and Australia to rate and disclose the performance of commercial and government-owned buildings. View the Rand Corporation report here: -Lawrence Berkeley National Lab has released a report on its projections of ratepayer-funded energy efficiency program spending and savings in the U.S. through 2020, based on a state-by-state review of energy efficiency policies and regulatory requirements currently in place or under consideration. View a presentation based on the report here: