External Zero Net Energy Resources

Factsheet / December 3, 2015 / Zero Net Energy

In addition to our Status Update research report, ZNE communications toolkit and case studies, NBI has collected a set of external resources related to zero net energy. Examples of programs, policy documents or other research supporting zero energy-capable construction are listed below.

State and Local Policy Development

Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and the Environment
The Massachusetts Zero Net Energy Buildings Task Force has developed a plan for transforming the building sector by creating a pathway toward zero net energy buildings in the Commonwealth. Find the report at: http://www.mass.gov/eea/docs/eea/press/publications/zneb-taskforce-report.pdf

CPUC Zero Net Energy Commercial Action Plan
As part of the California Long-Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) developed the Zero Net Energy Commercial Action Plan to help achieve the strategic plan goals and engage industry leaders, relevant agencies, stakeholders, utilities and other key influencers. An ongoing group continues to coordinate Action Plan activities.Find both plans at: http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/PUC/energy/Energy+Efficiency/eesp/

Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs

Energy Trust of Oregon: Net Zero Design Strategies | www.energytrust.org
The Energy Trust of Oregon offers a Path to Net Zero Pilot program of enhanced energy incentives for owners achieving exceptional levels of energy savings and those aiming for net zero energy use.

California’s Savings by Design program | www.savingsbydesign.com
Savings by Design is providing support for buildings that achieve at least 40% energy savings above Title 24 code. This includes support for design teams, help with additional modeling and assistance with technical resources. The program also provides seminars on Net Zero Energy commercial and residential.

ZNE Residential

2020 Planning and Information for California ZNE Homes | www.californiaznehomes.com

Pacific Gas & Electric Residential Pilot Program | www.pge.com/en/myhome/saveenergymoney/rebates/zne/index.page

Design Resources

New Construction | www.advancedbuildings.net

Energy Design Resources | www.energydesignresources.com

Savings by Design | www.savingsbydesign.com

Architecture at Zero Design Competition | www.architectureatzero.com

Getting to Zero & Exemplary Building Database | www.newbuildings.org/share


Zero Energy Commercial Buildings Consortium | http://zeroenergycbc.org
The Zero Energy Commercial Buildings Consortium (CBC) published “Next Generation Technologies Barriers and Recommendations” and “Analysis of Cost & Non-Cost Barriers and Policy Solutions” in 2011. The CBC reports can be downloaded at: http://zeroenergycbc.org/resources/cbc-reports

The Road to ZNE, Mapping Pathways to ZNE Buildings in California
A study conducted by the Heschong Mahone Group and funded by Pacific Gas and Electric Company on behalf of the California Investor Owned Utilities. Find the full report at:
http://www.calmac.org/publications/The_Road_to_ZNE_Report_CALMAC_PGE0327.01.pdfCalifornia Zero

Net Energy Buildings Cost Study
This study explored the cost-effectiveness of ZNE buildings in the current residential and commercial marketplace through a review of literature, case studies, and interviews with ZNE experts familiar with residential, commercial, and community-scale projects. Read the report

Certification Programs

Living Building Challenge | https://ilbi.org/lbc
Managed by the International Living Future Institute, the Living Building Challenge is intended to inspire design and construction of zero impact, restorative buildings.