Zero Net Energy Communications Toolkit

Online Tool / December 19, 2015 / Zero Net Energy

These toolkit items were developed by New Buildings Institute and Resource Media with the generous support of foundation funding to advance zero energy building goals in California. These resources represent the foundational pieces of the ZNE Communications Toolkit; however additional materials may be developed later as needed.

Companion GuideThese materials have been developed to:

  • Help address commonly asked questions about ZNE
  • Provide messaging for consistent communications around this ultra-efficiency goal, and
  • Support advocates in advancing the Path to Zero Campaign for achieving the state of California’s goals for achieving ZNE

You can also access the ZNE Action Bulletin here .

Links to ZNE Communications Toolkit Materials

Message Platform Image

  • ZNE Messaging Platform—Provides strong, overarching core messages and supplemental supporting message targeting key audiences.
  • ZNE Presentation Template—A basic slide deck introducing the core messages and activities in California.
  • ZNE Companion Guide—Provides an overview of the ZNE Communications Toolkit and contains the complete set of factsheets.
  • ZNE Action Paths for Jurisdictions—The Action Paths described here present the most effective options for cities and states to systematically plan and make progress toward comprehensive ZNE policy.
  • ZNE Project Guide—Combines the steps that successful ZNE building teams implement with ZNE tools and resources.

Factsheets provide broad information about ZNE and audience-specific content including:

How to use this toolkit

Path To Zero Presentation ImageMany of these tools can stand alone, be shared as a complete set, or utilized as selected pieces of interrelated content. The toolkit includes a message platform, a sample ZNE presentation, and a series of both general and audience-specific fact sheets. These resources can be used to help accelerate market adoption by providing consistent media messaging, educating key audiences about the fundamentals of ZNE, and providing evidence that ZNE is achievable and makes sense today for business, schools and public buildings.

We hope you’ll agree that these pieces serve as a great starting point for communicating about ZNE buildings in California and elsewhere. Please be sure to send your feedback and any questions to Webly Bowles, Project Manager, at [email protected].

Help Us Share ZNE in California

This ZNE Communications Toolkit is available to share lessons learned from early adopter owners, address commonly asked questions about ZNE, and support advancing communications around California’s goals. We need your help as an early adopter and advocate to share information about California’s goals, the benefits of ZNE and the growing momentum for these exemplary buildings.