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Online Tool / June 24, 2016 / Zero Net Energy

Wanted: North America’s most advanced commercial buildings! New Buildings Institute is continuing its review of advanced energy efficiency commercial projects including zero energy, emerging and ultra-low energy projects.

Designers, engineers, architects, building owners and operators are invited to enter their commercial projects through this Building Registry, adding to the growing momentum for zero energy buildings and buildings that demonstrate superior energy efficiency.

These buildings, once vetted, are categorized and published in our annual List of Zero Energy Buildings spotlighting zero energy and ultra-low energy buildings. The 2016 list can be found at:

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The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) and New Buildings Institute (NBI) have formed a new partnership to streamline and strengthen the tracking and certification of zero energy (ZE) buildings in order to drive broader market adoption, codification and standardization of ZE technologies in everyday buildings. NBI and ILFI are also sharing a common protocol for certification and case studies. The new, streamlined process will provide the buildings industry—design teams, owners, operators and others—with needed clarity on the standards for zero energy performance using data driven outcomes for validation.

The partnership builds on the strengths of each organization, and the end result will be one seamless system for tracking, registering, certifying, and evaluating the burgeoning zero energy movement. Within this collaboration, the ILFI will continue as administrator of the Zero Energy Building Certification, while NBI will act as lead certification auditor as well as administrator of the Getting to Zero database.

Learn more about the ILFI/NBI partnership.