Daylighting Guide for Office Interiors

Guideline / December 23, 2015 / Building Innovation, New Construction

The Daylighting Guide for Office Interiors helps designers understand and consider the best use of space and finishes to maximize illumination with daylight.
The free, printable guide outlines specific steps to accomplishing good daylighting design, facts, tips, links to resources and case studies.

The Daylighting Guide for Office Interiors was developed under the Office of the Future program, Interior Architects, the Integrated Design Lab in Seattle and New Buildings Institute (NBI).

Why Daylighting?

Interior architects and designers play a critical role in ensuring the full benefit of daylighting design is realized. Without the proper space planning, window coverings and interior finishes, the best plans for using natural light to lower energy use can be defeated.

Benefits of Daylighting:

In addition to lowering energy expenses, daylighting provides:

  • Healthier and higher quality interior environments
  • Increased individual productivity
  • Increased human comfort
  • Mental and visual stimulation

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