2017 Zero Energy Residential Study Released

Annual growth in building starts of net-zero energy homes in 2017 has reached 70%–more than doubling year-over-year performance. The latest data appears in the 2017 Zero Energy Residential Study just published by the Net Zero Energy Coalition. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund provided financial support for this project.

“Zero net energy (ZNE) development intensity is highest where there are advanced energy policies and market leaders,” says Ann Edminster, Net Zero Energy Coalition interim director, “but it’s not just California.”

The top ten cities by number of ZNE projects are across the US and Canada: Sacramento, Vancouver, Davis (CA), Portland (OR), New York, Austin, Honolulu, Clarkdale (AZ), Washington and National City (CA).

Many ZNE homebuilders attribute accelerated growth to their successful differentiation in the marketplace. Gene Myers, CEO of Thrive Home Builders in Colorado, says, “We have learned to adopt a less-is-more approach. In our ads we show a girl in a high chair with her mom feeding her. The caption is the air she breathes is just as important as the food she eats. This resonates with buyers and their values.”

NBI also found significant growth of zero energy buildings in the commercial market, learn more in NBI’s Getting to Zero Status Update and Zero Energy Buildings List.

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