Advanced Water Heating Initiative November Newsletter

The latest newsletter from the Advanced Water Heating Initiative (AWHI) features information on upcoming AWHI meetings, a Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater (CHPWH) field study at Bayview Towers, a new report on heat pump water heaters in multifamily buildings from ACEEE and NBI, a new CHPWH resource library available online with courses, and more.

Bayview Towers demonstrates CHPWH technology, inclusion, environmental stewardship, and energy savings

A new demonstration project of a Mitsubishi Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater (CHPWH) system is underway at the Seattle Housing Authority’s (SHA) 100-unit Bayview Tower. The one-year field study is assessing opportunities to supply hot water using only one-third of the energy of a conventional system–a 59% reduction, from 230,000 kWh/year to 95,000 kWh/year– and provide demand flexibility to better balance peak demand times on the electricity grid.

Efficient Electric Water Heating Would Slash Multifamily Buildings’ Carbon Emissions

Utilities and policymakers are increasingly looking to technologies such as electric heat pump water heaters (HPWHs) to help cut carbon and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from buildings while providing other benefits such as grid flexibility. However, relatively few case studies and data sources existed to help stakeholders understand the economics and potential benefits of replacing old water heaters in multifamily buildings with HPWHs. A new report released this month by American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and New Buildings Institute (NBI) fills those gaps. Ecotope and the Association for Energy Affordability served as data partners for the report.

New CHPWH library is online with courses available until Dec. 31, 2021

D+R LEARN, in collaboration with Ecotope, Inc., has developed an in-depth library of commercial heat pump water heating (CHPWH) educational resources which are being released for the first time in California through San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E).

These newly available CHPWH courses include:
• CHPWH System Components, Sizing, and Design
• Measurement and Verification: A Unified Approach to CHPWH Performance Data
• CHPWH: Manufacturer Training and Resources
• CHPWH: Maintenance and Operations
• Installation of CHPWHs in New Construction

AWHI is seeking participants for the 120-Volt HPWH Field Validation Study

A 120-volt heat pump water heater field validation study is underway and is seeking qualified participants to help evaluate and verify the energy performance of a new plug-in heat pump water heater for homes. The study will gather information about user satisfaction and installer experience in an effort to advance commercialization and increase awareness of this emerging product. Once completed, the study will offer independent verification of the 120V HPWH products in the field for potential inclusion in utility efficiency programs.

NBI is collaborating with host utility partners including Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), as well as manufacturers A.O. Smith, GE, Nyle, and Rheem to identify single family and multifamily homes with low to medium hot water demand (no more than four occupants in the household) throughout California. Participants will receive a free 120-volt heat pump water heated in return for participating in the 12-month study.

Qualified households must:
•  have an existing gas-fired tank-style water heater, and
•  receive utility service from PG&E or SCE

The highest priority areas where we are looking for sites are:
•  The northern and central California coast
•  Colder regions including the Sierra Nevadas, Cascades, and San Bernardino regions
•  Los Angeles area
•  Southern California desert

Read more about participation. If you have questions or are interested in participating, email us at [email protected].

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