NBI’s Technical Director Honored with BetterBricks Award

Mark Frankel, Technical Director at New Buildings Institute (NBI), was recognized for “Outstanding Industry Contribution” during the BetterBricks Awards breakfast on Friday, February 11th in Portland, Oregon. A licensed architect and experienced project manager and technical consultant, Frankel has spent his career working to improve the energy performance of buildings. “It is becoming increasingly apparent that reducing building energy use is not just in the hands of architects and engineers, but is also the responsibility of owners, operators and building occupants,” Frankel said. “We, at NBI, are working to make it possible that everyone involved with commercial buildings has access to good information they can use to improve energy performance,” he said.

The BetterBricks Awards celebrate the champions of energy efficiency whose forward-thinking business practices set the industry standard for sustainability in commercial real estate. BetterBricks is the commercial buildings program of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. The Awards recognize architects, engineers, developers, building owners, property managers, building operators, facility managers and other building professionals for their leadership in reducing the use of energy and other resources in our commercial buildings.

As technical director at NBI, Frankel authored the Core Performance Guide, a direct path to high performance buildings that are up to 30% better than conventional construction practices. A codified version of the Core Performance Guide was adopted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a stretch energy code and later served as the basis for a 2012 International Energy Conservation Code proposal that was adopted by state and local code officials last fall.In addition, Frankel has been deeply involved in promoting improved energy efficiency practices in green building. He serves on the Board of Directors for a leading green building organization, Cascadia Green Building Council, acts as a technical advisor to the U.S. Green Building Council on its LEED program, and was one of the authors of the only study to date looking at the energy performance of LEED buildings.

BetterBricks Award winners were selected by a panel of judges comprised of industry professionals, utility representatives and green building experts.To achieve high performance buildings, award winners have used and promoted a variety of best practices such as maximizing local climate potential in the design process, employing early design decision-making and energy modeling, supporting building commissioning, educating tenants and brokers about sustainability and implementing better building operations. Their projects have achieved substantial energy savings, reduced building operation and maintenance costs and enhanced productivity of building occupants among other benefits.