My first 100 days (well, 114 to be exact)

Beginning with FDR, it has been a tradition for the President of the United States to plan an agenda for his (and in the future, her) first 100 days in office. When the milestone is reached, the leader takes a moment to stop and reflect on the progress made and the work that remains. Here at NBI, we took the same approach. I thought it would be fun to share the results.

Ralph DiNola, Executive DirectorMission Critical: Define Structure for Effective Delivery of our MissionFrom day one, the directors team and I got together and rolled up our sleeves. Building on an earlier strategic assessment, we restructured the organization to more effectively deliver our work and identify gaps in staffing (which we are currently working on filling). With this refined structure in place, we are aligned and delivering.Focus on Strategy: Begin with the End in MindNext we worked to formalize our strategic plan. We began by asking: “What ends do we want to achieve?” and “What would success look like if we could influence the commercial building industry in a significant way?” As we answered these questions, our near-term strategy became clear.Plan for Success: Roll Out and Check In for the Next 251 Days and BeyondI’m happy to report that we made a great deal of progress in my first 100 days. There is much exciting work to be done as we implement the strategy that we crafted and roll it out successfully in the coming months and years.

We look forward to engaging with like-minded professionals, NBI stakeholders and partners as we continue our work to advance the commercial building energy efficiency research, tools, policies and codes that will help make the world a better place. It’s a gratifying and lifelong mission for me and my colleagues at NBI. We’ll keep you posted.

Ralph DiNola
Executive Director