Instructions to vote on the 2021 IECC

In November 2019, representatives from governments around the United States will have the opportunity to vote for proposals that set minimum energy efficiency standards for commercial and residential buildings. Leveraging their right to vote in the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) is one of the biggest ways local and state governments can directly impact the carbon emissions and energy costs of buildings.

Only validated governmental members of the International Code Council can weigh in on the 2021 IECC this November. Each government delegates up to 12 “Governmental Member Voting Representatives” to vote on behalf of their organization. If you are a Governmental Member Voting Representative, please be sure you have your ICC password and PIN (see below for instructions).

In order to ensure voting goes as smoothly as possible, please check out this video which shows how to cast your vote. Find out more about the 2021 IECC update at the Energy Efficient Codes Coalition website or watch this ICC video for more information.

To find your ICC password and PIN

Log in to myICC using your email and your temporary password. (Note, if you log into the ICCsafe website, you’ll need to find “myIcc” in the top navigation bar.) In the left hand menu, choose “My Information” – see below.

Under the “My Information” tab, you will see a summary of your personal account information. Click on Change my password (there is a hyperlink, but it is very hard to see).

A new page will open where you change your password, create a PIN number and enter your date of birth. Both PIN and date of birth are required security questions in order to vote, so save your PIN for future reference.

Once you change your password, create your PIN, and enter your date of birth, you will get an email confirming your password has changed.

To begin voting, log in and go to the “My Information” tab to access cdpACCESS (upper right hand corner). Or just click on this link to access the CDPAccess voting platform directly.

To learn more about the voting process and how you can participate, contact Amy Cortese, NBI director of programs, at [email protected]