2024 Getting to Zero Forum

Event / May 21, 2024 - May 23, 2024

The Getting to Zero Forum is the premier event dedicated to building decarbonization. With a growing number of climate emergencies across the United States and around the world, there is no more important time than now for the Getting to…

Trane Technologies Foundation Supports Sustainable Futures for 40 Students

News / August 23, 2023

The donation provides professional development and career opportunities in the sustainable building sector through New Buildings Institute’s Next Gen Program Portland, Ore. – Thanks to a generous donation from the Trane Technologies Charitable Foundation, 40 underrepresented students will now have...

Lower Energy Costs, Healthier Air: How Energy CLASS Prize Winners Are Transforming Their School

News / July 27, 2023

Published by NREL: 25 local education agencies (LEAs) have been named Energy CLASS prize winners and awarded $100,000 each, along with the training and one-on-one coaching needed to put those funds to work helping their schools meet health and energy-efficiency...

Efficient and Healthy Schools Campaign Honors 17 School Districts for Upgrading Facility Health and Sustainability

News / July 10, 2023

On Wednesday, June 28, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Efficient and Healthy Schools Campaign celebrated the achievements of 17 K-12 schools and districts that implemented exemplary projects to improve the energy and environmental performance of their school’s facilities. Schools...

The Future of Buildings is Net-Zero Energy

News / July 10, 2023

Published by FacilitiesNet: Verified net-zero buildings currently represent less than 1 percent of all commercial buildings according to data from the World Green Building Council. But that number is increasingly rapidly – as much as 50 percent every two years, according to...

Low carbon verification pairs greener designs with reduced interest rates

News / July 6, 2023

Published by MAREJournal: Prior to CIRRUS Low Carbon’s introduction to the market in 2022, no private capital source offered lower rates for greener buildings. Now, developers can fortify their financing with a significantly lower interest rate when a project meets...

How going electric can save construction costs in North Dakota

News / July 6, 2023

Published by KXNews: Building an all-electric home is less expensive than building a home with oil, gas, or propane appliances. According to the non-profit New Buildings Institute, all-electric homes save people about $8,000 on construction costs and reduce energy consumption,...

Reducing Embodied Carbons Key to Achieving Net-Zero Status

News / June 22, 2023

Published by Facilites Net: NBI’s Webly Bowles speaks with Facilities Net about strategies that managers can use to lessen the impact of embodied carbon resources in their buildings.

DOE Program Provides Boost for 25 School Districts

News / June 20, 2023

Published by Facilities Net: Energy manager training is conducted with the aid of organizations such as the New Buildings Institute, and ICF International through a series of virtual courses including training on topics such as finding funding and stakeholder engagement.

The urgency of cooling access: Ensuring resilience and promoting equity in the U.S.

News / June 14, 2023

Published by Refigeration Industry: Financial assistance programs can help low-income households purchase energy-efficient, climate-friendly cooling appliances (like efficient air conditioners or heat pumps) that cost less to operate due to reduced energy consumption. Similar programs can also provide low-income households with...