Daylighting Pattern Guide

Online Tool / December 20, 2015 / Daylighting

The Daylighting Pattern Guide is a free, interactive tool that helps design teams incorporate proven daylighting strategies into commercial building projects for substantial reductions in lighting power consumption and overall building energy use.

Teaming with Technology: A Manufacturer’s Panel

Webinar / October 21, 2015

Leading manufacturers will share their approaches to meet technical and market needs for low and zero energy buildings. The showcased technologies and manufacturer approaches highlight the energy and non-energy benefits of supporting the move to net zero.

Proposed Multifamily Building Section for the 2018 IECC

Document / October 16, 2015

NBI presented the first public “straw-man” of a proposed section for multifamily buildings in the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) to the Department of Energy's Denver Energy Codes Stakeholder Meeting on October 13, 2015.

Danfoss’ Galyen: Incentives Will Boost Building Technology Development

News / September 24, 2015

On September 17, John Galyen, president, Danfoss North America, addressed the importance of taking a holistic approach to improving the efficiency of the U.S. commercial building stock as part of a broad objective to double energy productivity. Galyen was joined...

New Construction Guide and the Architecture 2030 Challenge

Post / July 1, 2015

In 2006, Architecture 2030 took a bold step: Challenge everyone involved with the built environment — designers, owners, government, utilities, operators and tenants, everyone — to reach for the goal of Zero Net Energy by 2030. Using the average performance...

New Construction Guide endorsed by Architecture 2030 to meet the 2030 Challenge

News / June 16, 2015

The New Construction Guide has also been incorporated as the prescriptive path to comply with the energy prerequisites for both USGBC’s LEED v4 and the Northeast Collaborative for High Performance Schools standard. The guide has also been adopted as the...

New Construction Guide endorsed by Architecture 2030 to meet the 2030 Challenge

News / June 1, 2015

New Buildings Institute (NBI) and Architecture 2030 are excited to announce that Architecture 2030 has endorsed a prescriptive path to meet the current 2030 Challenge goal based on NBI’s New Construction® New Construction Guide. With this path, design teams now...

Staying ahead of advancing energy codes with the New Construction

Webinar / December 16, 2014

With significant increases in stringency in the 2010 edition of ASHRAE’s Standard 90.1 and the 2012 edition of the International Energy Conservation Code, what was once high performance design is becoming minimum code. With the release of the New Construction…

Occupants, Plug Loads & Controls: What Happens After The Design Plug Load Best Practices GuideTeam Goes Home?

Webinar / June 18, 2014

Achieving zero net energy is not a point in time indicated by a plaque on the wall. It is a continual and ongoing process that requires the engagement of facility managers and occupants.

New Challenges in Net Zero Design

Webinar / June 16, 2014

Designing and delivering zero net energy projects brings a new set of challenges to designers: new building elements and technologies, new tools, and issues that in the past have been outside the scope of design efforts. Successful teams have found…