Student Innovation and Initiatives Driving Zero Energy Adoption

A critical element in any effort to promote a low carbon world is the engagement of all users and stakeholders in the mission. Across the world students are demanding action to reduce the threats of climate change. To engage our next generation of environmental stewards, schools are ideally positioned to respond and drive this cultural shift.

Presenters provide a dive deep into examples of projects that highlight the keys to success, illustrating the synergies between high performance and progressive learning environments. Join our presenters as they discuss this path to zero and showcase approaches that have realized utility cost savings of over $3.5M. Capital costs, cost savings, and funding sources will be described, as well as the district’s next moves to carry the school district through the next 30-50 years.

1. Participants will explore why low carbon schools should be a critical piece of our investment in reducing carbon emissions and the national status of these schools.
2. Participants will understand the non-energy benefits of these schools and the role they play in nurturing our next generation of environmental stewards
3. Participants will discover how one district has approached the effort of reducing their climate impact and greenhouse gas emissions with a in a step-by-step method supported only by standard funding sources.
4. Participants will learn the strategies, techniques and key concepts to design, construct and operate a successful low carbon school project.