Embodied Carbon Bootcamp

In this virtual workshop previously aired on Tuesday, December 14, 2021, industry leaders presented the policies that are quickening the adoption of embodied carbon ideas and showed the steps necessary to lower upfront and whole life carbon emissions in new construction and major renovations. It introduced the latest design and data tools available, presented case studies, and engaged participants in facilitated discussions around designing lower embodied carbon projects.

Recordings of the Embodied Carbon Bootcamp can be accessed below by using a password that has been emailed to you. If you have questions or did not receive this password, please email [email protected]. The workshop has been split into two videos due to length.

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Embodied Carbon Bootcamp Part 1 of 2

Embodied Carbon Bootcamp Part 2 of 2


Links Referenced in the Presentation:

Carbon Leadership Forum’s Policy Toolkit
• RMI’s Concrete Solutions Guide
• RMI’s Reducing Embodied Carbon In Buildings, Low-Cost High-Value Opportunities 
• Builders for Climate Action
• Architecture 2030
• SE 2050
• LCA Definitions (video)
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