Energy Codes for Multifamily Buildings (Base Codes)

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Multifamily poses a conundrum for energy regulation. Generally, these buildings are constructed and renovated like commercial buildings but used like residential buildings. As a result, regulation of multifamily buildings has been split between the residential and the commercial codes. The result is energy regulation that does not adequately serve the multifamily market:

  • Regulation by two different energy codes complicates both code compliance and code enforcement.
  • Neither the Commercial nor the Residential code was crafted to address the unique realities of the multifamily building type.
  • The presence of two different code baselines has made it very difficult to create an above-code energy standard that applies to all multifamily buildings.

In order to address this issue and substantially improve the regulation of energy in multifamily buildings, New Buildings Institute has submitted a proposal for the International Energy Conservation Code that would create a new chapter dedicated solely to multifamily buildings.

For more general  information, read the brochure Multifamily Code Initiative: Opportunities in IECC. Also available here is the full proposal including the proposed code language and reason statement.