Case Studies

NBI has developed several informational products to help disseminate the lessons of measured performance studies.  Measured Performance Case Studies focus on individual buildings and demonstrate actual results of various measures and process approaches.

A Search for Deep Savings

For NEEA’s BetterBricks program, New Buildings Institute investigated* 11 examples of energy retrofits in existing commercial buildings that, on average, use 50% less energy than the national average–-most with an energy use intensity (EUI) of less than 40 kBtus per square foot.  The case studies for each building include motivations, technologies and practices, energy performance, financial information, overall project results and quotes from owner and design teams.  The Meta Report contains the aggregated results of 9 of the 11 profiles plus findings from an initial group of 50 buildings with 30% or more energy savings.

*with support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Kresge Foundation

Eleven Case Studies from: A Search for Deep Energy Savings 

Getting to Zero Buildings Database

The Getting to Zero Buildings Database is NBI's central location for information on commercial buildings that are leaders in low- and –zero energy performance outcomes. Visit database

UC Merced Case Studies

California’s Merced campus opened in 2005 with five initial buildings.  Designed from the outset with high performance energy goals and the expectation of continuous monitoring and improvement, it provides good lessons on both process and accomplishments.  In conjunction with the California Institute for Energy and the Environment, NBI provided case studies on two of these buildings.  Both cover the target-setting and design process, specific features incorporated to meet the building and site requirements, and measured results from July 2007 through June 2008.

Case Study: Classroom & Office Building, UC Merced (1.65 MB PDF) 
Case Study: Science & Engineering Building 1, UC Merced
(833.86 KB PDF)

Advanced Buildings

NBI's Advanced Buildings suite of tools and resources also include case studies (although not measured performance) on new construction projects that utilized the Core Performance Guide. Core Performance, supported by utility programs throughout the country, is one of the Advanced Buildings tools helping design teams create high performance buildings. Visit the Advanced Buildings project directory

Zero Net Energy Case Studies

A number of the ZNE and ZEC buildings are highlighted in NBI's Getting to 50 buildings database. In addition, we have developed some printable profiles with content excerpted from the Getting to 50 case studies. Read case studies