Heating & Cooling Systems

NBI's work in encouraging the use of new technologies ranges from helping to develop and test new high efficiency HVAC systems, to generating and publishing best-in-practice design manuals and resources. NBI has been an active contributor to making the way in which buildings are heated and cooled more efficient. This work is accomplished by creating solutions for low-energy cooling and heating system design, operation and maintenance. Read More


Lighting in commercial buildings is responsible for 38% of site electricity consumption. When we look at total site energy consumed in commercial buildings, lighting is the largest individual use of power accounting for one fifth (20%) of the combined energy total. New Buildings Institute is making lighting a primary target for energy savings by supporting a variety of projects focused on energy efficiency, education, outreach and research. Read More


Building controls are one of the most overlooked and underrated systems in commercial buildings. Most experts believe it is because controls are one of the last systems installed and subjected to budget constraints. Inadequate controls can lead to 50% higher energy costs and add 25% more to the operations and maintenance budget. Read More