Ralph DiNola, CEO, (360) 567-0950 x102 Email

Jim Edelson, Director of Codes and Policy, (360) 567-0950 x115  Email

Mark Frankel, Technical Director, (206) 930-0447 Email

Sean Denniston, Senior Project Manager, (360) 567-0950 x107 Email

Heather Flint Chatto, Project Manager, (360) 567-0950 x126 Email

Susan Grant Harris, Communications Specialist, (360) 567-0950 x113 Email

Mark Lyles, Project Manager, (360) 567-0950 Email

Alexi Miller, Senior Project Manager, (360) 567-0950 x101  Email

Jackie Waadevig, Office Administrator, (360) 567-0950 x119  Email

Connie Umphress, Communications Manager, (360) 567-0950 x114 Email


Stacey Hobart, Communications, Email

Cathy Higgins, Research Director Email

Howdy Reichmuth, Senior Engineer Email

NBI Fellows

NBI Fellowship recognizes luminary energy efficiency professionals who have provided a significant contribution to society through their leadership, dedication and groundbreaking work.  NBI Fellows serve as ambassadors, representing and supporting NBI’s mission and collaborating with NBI partners to advance energy efficiency throughout the commercial building sector.

Charles Eley

RK Stewart

Profile of an NBI Fellow