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Outcome-Based Performance

An Outcome Summit Webinar will be held July 30, 12-1:00 (Pacific). An outcome-based approach is one where building performance is judged by the actual energy use. Key stakeholders have been invited to attend the Summit On Getting To Outcome-Based Performance in early August. At this summit they will identify the challenges and develop potential solutions for implementing outcome-based approaches to design, construction and operations. The issues, approaches and solutions identified in this summit are likely to have significant influence on how the industry addresses these challenges moving forward. More information will be available following this event. Register for webinar

Multifamily Housing and Energy

Low-income families often choose multifamily housing for its affordability but a new study from University of Arizona finds that they could be spending hundreds more in utility costs every year due to a lack of energy-efficient features in their buildings. Multifamily buildings offer a largely untapped opportunity for improving energy efficiency. NBI provides links and information on best practices in energy efficiency programs, organizations focused on multifamily energy efficiency and multifamily energy efficiency programs. Read more

Net Zero Roundtable

The push for net zero energy buildings has increased in recent years, with New Buildings Institute reporting that the number of verified net zero energy buildings or those targeting net zero energy has more than doubled in just two years, from 60 in 2012 to 160 in 2013. Metal Architecture spoke to some people in the architecture and construction industries to learn more about their thoughts on net zero energy buildings. Ralph DinNola, Executive Director, is interviewed in this article. (6/2/2014) Read article

ZNE Action Bulletin

Here is the latest ZNE Action Bulletin, where you can find the latest zero net energy news. This issue includes: the J. Craig Venter Institute; solar energy mandates in Lancaster and Sebastopol; the Forest Service's Technology and Development Center; research; policy; events and more. Sign up to receive the bulletin by email.

How deep is the net-zero water hole?

The net-zero energy concept has been slowly gaining traction in the North American construction industry. Another concept that goes hand-in-hand with net-zero energy is net-zero water. The Daily Commercial News reported that a recent study was done in Washington, D.C. by NBI, International Living Future Institute, and Skanska’s commercial development arm. The purpose of the study was to forecast how much extra it would cost a project owner to upgrade a building from LEED Platinum to net-zero energy, net-zero water and Living Building certification.(5/8/2014) Read article

New Approach To Energy Code Compliance Clears Hurdle

Building owners, facility managers and design teams working toward high energy performance buildings have a potential new ally in the IgCC. The development committee reviewing new proposals for enhancing the IgCC voted to approve a proposal that would add a first-ever outcome-based compliance path in a model energy code. Today's Facility Manager reports that testimony submitted by an assortment of industry representatives, including NBI, was enough to convince the committee to favor the proposal. (5/12/2014) Read article

Net Zero and Living Building Challenge Financial Study: A Cost Comparison Report for Buildings in the District of Columbia

NBI teamed up with the International Living Future Institute and Skanska for the Net Zero and Living Building Challenge Financial Study: A Cost Comparison Report for Buildings in the District of Columbia. The purpose of the study was twofold. First, to investigate costs, benefits and approaches necessary to improve building performance in the District of Columbia from LEED Platinum to zero energy, zero water and Living Building status. Second, to advise District government on policy drivers related to deep green buildings and to analyze the opportunities for the District to offer incentives to advance most rapidly toward zero energy, zero water and Living Buildings. Read report

ZNE Webinars Available

Now available on demand are webinars about Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings and related policy. ZNE buildings are ultra-energy-efficient structures that produce at least as much energy onsite as they consume over the course of a year.

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Webinar to Focus on Outcome-Based Pathways to Achieve Energy Performance

The National Institute of Building Sciences is making available a free webinar to introduce an emerging energy performance concept—outcome-based pathways. This new approach to achieving efficient energy use addresses the needs and challenges of numerous stakeholders in the building industry. Speakers included Mark Frankel, Technical Director. An “Outcome-based Pathway” proposal appeared in the IgCC monograph of proposed code changes, heard during the International Code Council’s Committee Action Hearings, held April 27 through May 4. The webinar is now available on demand and will provide an overview of this new energy performance approach. Watch webinar

Industry Proposes Innovative Method for Implementing Green Construction Code

An “Outcome-based Pathway,” was submitted as a proposed code change to the International Green Construction Code (IgCC). It appears in the monograph of IgCC proposed changes that the International Code Council released March 15, 2014 for public review. This pathway was developed as a result of representatives and organizations coming together under the leadership of the National Institute of Building Sciences. Organizations include NBI, Institute for Market Transformation and Colorado Chapter of the International Code Council. Read article