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Where We'll Be in November

Ralph DiNola, Executive Director, will present Moving Towards Zero Net Energy Commercial Buildings: The Role Utilities Can Play at SWEEP's 11th Annual SW Regional Energy Efficiency Workshop in Tempe, AZ this week.

Zero Net Energy Technology Application Guides

Three new Zero Net Energy Technology Application Guides, developed for California but widely transferable, provide information on readily available leading-edge technologies found in today’s ZNE buildings. They describe the technology, its features and benefits, and illustrate energy performance from both modeled and measured results. There are project application examples, overviews on costs and trends and a list of related resources. These featured technologies were selected through a group of architect and engineering advisors experienced in ultra-low and zero energy design. The three guides are:

Local Governments and Schools ZNE Workshop Materials

The California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) is working with NBI to offer workshops about zero net energy (ZNE). On November 3, a workshop was held for local government representatives then on November 4 for schools. Participants learned about ZNE leadership and market trends in California. They also received customized tools and knowledge necessary to implement policies, programs or projects with ZNE performance goals. Materials and presentations are now available. Read materials for Local Governments and Schools.

Energy efficiency and solar: Beer and wine or gin & tonic?

Traditionally, energy efficiency and solar have been thought of like beer and wine – two great options that belong in separate glasses. More recently, however, they have become like gin and tonic – two great options that are best together. What has changed and why? This blog from Peregrine Energy Group explains with references to New Buildings Institute’s work. (10/22/2014) Read blog

Getting to Zero Buildings Database

We are proud to introduce our Getting to Zero Buildings Database. Here you will find in-depth information about high performance buildings across North America. Visit database

ALG Connections: Color Considerations of LEDs

ALG Connections is brought to you from ALG Online and informs readers on timely lighting topics. ALG Online is offered through our Advanced Buildings® suite of tools and resources. This is one of a series of overviews meant to build an understanding of LED technology and what the lighting design community needs to know to confidently discuss and successfully apply this electrifying technology. Read more

New Energy Code Approach Could Be Industry Game-Changer

When Seattle's Supply Laundry Building opened in 1906, building codes looked rather different than they do today. And energy codes weren't yet a gleam in even the most progressive politician's eye. These days, however, after a full renovation and a listing on the National Register of Historic Places, the building (along with two other pilots in Seattle) is serving as a test case for a new type of energy code compliance, one that has the potential to be nothing short of an industry game-changer. The Supply Laundry Building is using an outcome-based method of compliance that will require actual energy usage data. FacilitiesNet recently reported on outcome-based codes. (10/1/2014) Read article

2015 International Green Construction Code (IgCC)

2015 IgCC is under development and there are important proposals supported by NBI. These proposals include outcome-based compliance, cool roofs, renewable energy and demand resonse  Learn more

Register Now for Getting to Zero National Forum

Registration is now open for the 2015 Getting to Zero National Forum. February 1-3 in Washington, DC join NBI and NASEO with leading policymakers, design professionals, building owners and commercial real estate representatives. We will share perspectives on the growth of ZNE policies and projects and discuss the future of the extremely efficient buildings that produce as much energy as they consume over the course of a year. Learn more

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