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Ralph DiNola, Executive Director, will be among guest panelists at the Public Forum: Getting Towards Net Zero in Cambridge, MA on September 23. The purpose of the forum is for the city to present their Net Zero Task Force's preliminary ideas to the public followed by guest expert analysis and feedback in addition to public comment. He will also be in attendence at the EcoDistricts Summit September 24-26 in Washington D.C. At this year’s summit, they will explore district-scale sustainable development and the public-private-civic partnerships that are laying the groundwork for the neighborhoods of the future. 

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Path to Zero Communications

Learn about California’s Path to Zero Communications, sharing information about zero net energy (ZNE) outreach will help to prepare for a clean energy future. Register for a webinar on Tuesday, September 23, 10-11 a.m. Pacific and NBI will brief you on our expanded ZNE tool set and outreach plans as well as identify opportunities for collaboration. Additionally a group of "Early Adopters" are working together in California to develop strategies that will lead to successful ZNE projects. Local Government representatives will meet November 3 in San Diego and K-12 Schools representatives will meet November 4 in Pasadena. Learn more 

Technical Summit on Net Zero in Vermont

On October 9, 2014 a technical summit on net zero will be held in Vermont. Across the U.S. thousands of building owners and professionals are pursuing the path to net zero. As momentum builds, Efficiency Vermont, National Grid and New Buildings Institute are convening a summit to facilitate the sharing of best practices. Designers, engineers, community planners, building owners, and operators focused on commercial construction should plan to attend. The summit will be an all-day event. Email ahollingsworth@veic.org with any questions. Learn more

ZNE Action Bulletin

The latest ZNE Action Bulletin is available here, this is where you can find the latest zero net energy news. This issue includes: the West Berkeley Public Library; DOE's Zero Energy Ready Home label; the National Institute of Standards and Technology ZNE Test House; research; policy; education; events and more. Sign up to receive the bulletin by email.

Architects, Engineers Stand to Benefit from Potential IgCC Change

ConstructionPro Network reported that a proposed change to the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) could make it considerably easier for architects and engineers to make buildings more energy efficient. Among those supporting the proposed outcome-based compliance path in IgCC is New Buildings Institute (NBI). An outcome-based compliance path would set targets for the actual energy use of a building and determine compliance through the building’s achievement of that target once in operation. (06/27/2014) Read article

Summit On Getting To Outcome-Based Performance

In early August the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) and New Buildings Institute (NBI) brought together experts and key stakeholders to identify the challenges and develop potential solutions for implementing outcome-based approaches to design, construction and operations. Prior to the Summit, NBI and NIBS hosted the webinar "Implementing Building Performance Outcome Requirements". Learn more

Multifamily Housing and Energy

Low-income families often choose multifamily housing for its affordability but a new study from University of Arizona finds that they could be spending hundreds more in utility costs every year due to a lack of energy-efficient features in their buildings. Multifamily buildings offer a largely untapped opportunity for improving energy efficiency. NBI provides links and information on best practices in energy efficiency programs, organizations focused on multifamily energy efficiency and multifamily energy efficiency programs. Read more

Net Zero Roundtable

The push for net zero energy buildings has increased in recent years, with New Buildings Institute reporting that the number of verified net zero energy buildings or those targeting net zero energy has more than doubled in just two years, from 60 in 2012 to 160 in 2013. Metal Architecture spoke to some people in the architecture and construction industries to learn more about their thoughts on net zero energy buildings. Ralph DinNola, Executive Director, is interviewed in this article. (6/2/2014) Read article

New Approach To Energy Code Compliance Clears Hurdle

Building owners, facility managers and design teams working toward high energy performance buildings have a potential new ally in the IgCC. The development committee reviewing new proposals for enhancing the IgCC voted to approve a proposal that would add a first-ever outcome-based compliance path in a model energy code. Today's Facility Manager reports that testimony submitted by an assortment of industry representatives, including NBI, was enough to convince the committee to favor the proposal. (5/12/2014) Read article