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14th Annual Hawaii Build & Buy Green Conference

Ralph DiNola, Executive Director, will be the keynote speaker at the 14th Annual Hawaii Build & Buy Green Conference. His presentation, Net Zero Energy Building in Hawaii and Beyond, will be at 8:15 a.m. on May 7. This event brings together nationally acclaimed speakers and local experts in the fields of green building and communities, affordable housing, design, engineering, construction and development. Topics will cover emerging and critical global issues and related new technologies, tools and applications. Learn more

Municipal Green Building Conference & Expo

Ralph DiNola, Executive Director, will present at the 13th Annual Municipal Green Building Conference & Expo Thursday, April 24, in California. This green building and sustainability conference will focus on the needs and concerns of municipalities. His presentation, Net Zero by 2030: How to Meet California’s Zero Net Energy Policy, will begin  at 9:30 a.m. Learn more

Net Zero and Living Building Challenge Financial Study: A Cost Comparison Report for Buildings in the District of Columbia

NBI teamed up with the International Living Future Institute and Skanska for the Net Zero and Living Building Challenge Financial Study: A Cost Comparison Report for Buildings in the District of Columbia. The purpose of the study was twofold. First, to investigate costs, benefits and approaches necessary to improve building performance in the District of Columbia from LEED Platinum to zero energy, zero water and Living Building status. Second, to advise District government on policy drivers related to deep green buildings and to analyze the opportunities for the District to offer incentives to advance most rapidly toward zero energy, zero water and Living Buildings. Read report

Incremental Costs of Zero Net Energy Commercial and Public Buildings

Recent webinar, Incremental Costs of Zero Net Energy Buildings, now available. One of the most common barriers to zero net energy projects is the concern over incremental costs compared to typical building practices. NBI's recent webinar highlights the results of recent studies looking at opportunities for achieving scalable and cost-effective zero net energy performance. Watch webinar

ZNE Webinars Available

Now available on demand are webinars about Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings and related policy. ZNE buildings are ultra-energy-efficient structures that produce at least as much energy onsite as they consume over the course of a year.

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Design Shifts To Performance

Right now in the building industry it feels like there is a huge leap project teams and building owners are trying to make from targeting design improvements, beyond energy codes and standards, to targeting real performance and measurements. Neil Bulger, a Professional Engineer with Integral Group, writes in his blog and mentions NBI’s work. Read more

Webinar to Focus on Outcome-Based Pathways to Achieve Energy Performance

The National Institute of Building Sciences is making available a free webinar to introduce an emerging energy performance concept—outcome-based pathways. This new approach to achieving efficient energy use addresses the needs and challenges of numerous stakeholders in the building industry. Speakers will include Mark Frankel, Technical Director. An “Outcome-based Pathway” proposal appeared in the IgCC monograph of proposed code changes, which will be heard during the International Code Council’s Committee Action Hearings, to be held April 27 through May 4. The webinar is now available on demand and will provide an overview of this new energy performance approach. Watch webinar

Industry Proposes Innovative Method for Implementing Green Construction Code

An “Outcome-based Pathway,” was submitted as a proposed code change to the International Green Construction Code (IgCC). It appears in the monograph of IgCC proposed changes that the International Code Council released March 15, 2014 for public review. This pathway was developed as a result of representatives and organizations coming together from across the building industry under the leadership of the National Institute of Building Sciences. Organizations include the New Buildings Institute, Institute for Market Transformation and Colorado Chapter of the International Code Council. Read article

Zero-Energy Revolution Will Happen

Ralph DiNola, Executive Director, spoke at MIPIM, the leading international real estate event for property professionals. His presentations were "Getting to zero today: how zero net energy buildings will define the next decade of development" and "Retrofit strategy and smart buildings: towards high-performance buildings". The event, in it's 25th year, took place March 11-14 in France. Read article

Codes, Standards + Rating Systems

It’s time to increase our focus on building operations and occupancy issues. Mark Frankel, AIA, technical director for NBI and the Vision 2020 chair for Codes, Standards + Rating Systems wrote this article for EcoHome. Outcome-based policies, regulations, and incentives that promote ongoing building performance are critical to achieving 2030 goals. (12/9/2013) Read article