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New Buildings Institute receives Coalition’s highest award

NW Energy Coalition reports that its highest award, the Conservation Eagle, is given to NBI for its role in crafting national energy code. (6/22/2011) See article

Reconstructing building codes for greater energy efficiency

To move towards an energy-saving future, governments are adopting new and strengthening existing building codes, hoping others will follow their lead. This May 2011 article released by Governing mentions NBI’s work in performance based energy codes and quotes Senior Project Manager Jim Edelson. (5/24/2011) See article

Key energy data hit hard by federal budget cuts

A recent article in the online magazine “Green Source” reports on the suspension of the 2011 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey and quotes NBI Technical Director Mark Frankel. (5/13/2011)  See article

Learning from performance

The Spring 2011 edition of High Performing Buildings magazine includes an article co-written by NBI Program Director, Cathy Higgins and CIEE’s Karl Brown. Read this article and find out what can be learned from NBI’s dataset of highly energy efficient buildings. Included are details about the University of California, Merced, Classroom. (4/1/2011) See article

As more commercial buildings go green, a few go 'Net-Zero'

One credit union tells about its decision to build the first ‘net zero’ building in Florida. The New York Times reports on this leading edge approach to building green and its potential for energy savings. NBI Technical Director, Mark Frankel, provided an estimate about the number of these buildings in the U.S. (3/23/2011) See article

Lessons learned

The builders of the country's greenest office building discovered a lot about what works—and what doesn't work. Read in this Wall Street Journal article about the Department of Energy's new research facility. Authorities on green design, including NBI Executive Director Dave Hewitt, offer some valuable do's and don'ts that have emerged from the project so far. (2/28/11) See article

One green design fits all

NBI Technical Director Mark Frankel is quoted in this Wall Street Journal article outlining a new program that helps businesses get LEED certification for multiple outlets, via a 'volume certification' program.  The program allows national chains to submit plans for a prototype store, office, bank or restaurant for LEED certification. (11/29/10) See article

Steps to sustainable design: better energy codes now

Contract Magazine published an opinion piece co-written by Dave Hewitt, NBI's Executive Director and AIA's Jessyca Henderson discussing opportunities for better building efficiency because of the improvements to the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). (11/10/10) See article

EIFS, architecture, and the sustainable design

Architecture has always been the marriage of aesthetics, function, economics, and building science. An article in the Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG), which references NBI’s Core Performance Guide, discusses how function and aesthetics make architecture a uniquely challenging profession. (9/14/10) See article

Historic gains in energy efficiency for new homes and commercial buildings

As reported by several publications, building officials from across the nation approved a package of revisions to the commercial section of the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).  The changes mean that new and renovated buildings constructed in jurisdictions that follow the 2012 IECC will use 30 percent less energy than those built to current standards. Read more »