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Energy-Saving Deep Retrofits at Negligible Cost?

Deep retrofits with energy savings topping 30 to 50 percent result only from energy efficiency strategies that affect multiple building systems, reports Urban Land. This article references NBI's work in the study A Search for Deep Energy Savings. (6/18/2012) Read article

Lab Report: XXVIII

New ways of envisioning architecture, design, and construction are discussed in this blog by and they mention research done by NBI. This research can be found in the report Energy Performance of LEED for New Construction Buildings. (5/22/2012) Read blog

ZEBS – WT.Heck?

Learn more about what it means to be a Zero Energy Building and how they came about in this blog by Radius that references NBI and our report Getting to Zero 2012 Status Update. (5/19/2012) Read blog

McCormick Warehouse Cuts Energy Bill to Zero

Maryland sees its first net-zero building, the McCormick's warehouse, reports the Baltimore Sun. Buildings like this are part of a broader movement of homeowners and owners of commercial structures squeezing the waste out of their energy consumption. (4/14/2012) Read article

Illinois eyes efficiency gains through building code

New Buildings Institute is referenced in this article from The Energy Collective about expected changes to the Illinois building code, due to be finalized this summer and implemented early next year. (2/29/2012) Read article

Zero Energy Buildings are on the rise across the U.S.

As reported by several publications, zero energy commercial buildings—highly efficient buildings that produce as much energy as they use—are cropping up across the United States from California to New York state. Read more »

Going Net Zero for Less Than 10 Percent Added Cost

Sixty low- or no-energy buildings offer a (high-performance, glazed) window into the future. An article from greentech highlights NBI'S report, "Getting to Zero 2012 Status Update: A First Look at the Cost and Features of Zero Energy Commercial Buildings". (3/8/2012) Read article

Daylighting as a Cost-Effective Solution

Existing buildings can maximize sunlight use without making structural changes. In this article, from Buildings, Barb Hamilton, Senior Lighting Manager for the NBI, offers three strategies to maximize daylight and minimize artificial light. (2/24/2012) Read article

Barnstable Airport energy efficiency paying off

The renovated Barnstable Airport has been awarded $60,570 in incentive funds from Cape Light Compact for making its new Hyannis passenger terminal and air traffic control tower highly energy efficient, reported Wicked Local Barnstable. Cape Light Compact subscribes to the Advanced Buildings Core Performance Program, developed and managed by the New Buildings Institute. (2/23/2012) Read article

International Green Construction Code Approved With Energy Efficiency, Metering Requirements

The IgCC, is scheduled to debut early this spring, some states and cities have already begun implementing many of the code's provisions for commercial buildings. The recently finalized version will soon become the nation's first official model green building code. NBI Project Analyst, Sean Denniston is quoted in this article about the code.(2/21/2012) Read article