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NBI Study: The Impact Of Design Decisions, Operations And Tenant Behavior On Building Energy Use

With growing energy needs to run equipment, architects and engineers can only go so far in delivering on energy efficiency in today's commercial buildings. Facilitiesnet reports, a study by NBI summarizes the extent to which operations and occupant behavior impact a building's energy use compared to design characteristics. (12/8/2011) Read article

Paying Attention to Energy Consumption

What has a bigger impact on a building’s energy use: occupant behavior or design characteristics? A recent study uncovers how buildings use energy and what aspects of a building’s performance should garner increased attention reports Construtech(12/7/2011) Read article

Telling Builders to Build Greener Without Saying How

Outcome-based code concept developed by Preservation Green Lab with technical help from New Buildings Institute. A restored building project in Seattle will have to meet an overall target: 50 percent less energy than the national average for a building of its size and type. This marks a new kind of path toward more energy efficient buildings,The Atlantic Cities reports (12/05/2011). Read article

Tenants, Operation Key to Building Performance

HVAC&R Industry reports that NBI's Sensitivity Analysis found that best practices in building operations can reduce energy use 10% to 20% across all climate zones. Poor operations practices can increase energy use 30% to 60% or more. (12/1/2011) Read article

Impact of Design Decisions, Operations and Tenants on Building Energy Use

A new analysis informs architects and owners how to ensure efficiency measures save, ED+C magazine reports. A new study by New Buildings Institute (NBI) summarizes the extent to which operations and occupant behavior impact a building's energy use compared to design characteristics.(11/30/2011) Read article

NBI study shows impact of design decisions, operations and tenant behavior on building energy use

RealEstateRama, an internet based real estate news source, reported on NBI's recent study, Sensitivity Analysis: Comparing the Impact of Design, Operation, and Tenant Behavior on Building Energy Performance. The study compares and quantifies the impacts of operational and tenant practices relative to design features on building energy use. (11/29/2011) Read article

Are we ready for an international green construction code?

“New Buildings Institute’s (NBI) database of commercial buildings is an encouraging beacon…” says article published in the Architect about the International Green Construction Code (IGCC);  Sean Dennison, NBI Project Analyst, was also interviewed for the article. (11/18/2011) See article 

The Next Frontier in Green Building

"Understanding the impacts of occupancy will transform everything from design-team liability to energy codes", an article written by NBI's Technical Director, Mark Frankel, in November's GreenSource.(11/28/2011) Read article

Occupant Engagement–Where Design Meets Performance

The importance of occupant engagement is explained in this article from Environmental Building News. Mark Frankel, NBI Technical Director, was also interviewed for the article. (11/28/2011) Read article

Outcome-Based Compliance Path Not Approved in IgCC

As reported in ED+C, the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) was approved. This is an historic accomplishment. Though the proposal for an outcome-based compliance path that was supported by NBI and its partners was not included, support was expressed for the concept. Other proposals supported by NBI and its partners were adopted that will create a foundation for including the path in the next version of the IgCC in 2015. (11/15/2011) Read article