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Architects, Engineers Stand to Benefit from Potential IgCC Change

ConstructionPro Network reported that a proposed change to the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) could make it considerably easier for architects and engineers to make buildings more energy efficient. Among those supporting the proposed outcome-based compliance path in IgCC is New Buildings Institute (NBI). An outcome-based compliance path would set targets for the actual energy use of a building and determine compliance through the building’s achievement of that target once in operation. (06/27/2014) Read article

Net Zero Roundtable

The push for net zero energy buildings has increased in recent years, with New Buildings Institute reporting that the number of verified net zero energy buildings or those targeting net zero energy has more than doubled in just two years, from 60 in 2012 to 160 in 2013. Metal Architecture spoke to some people in the architecture and construction industries to learn more about their thoughts on net zero energy buildings. Ralph DinNola, Executive Director, is interviewed in this article. (6/2/2014) Read article

How deep is the net-zero water hole?

The net-zero energy concept has been slowly gaining traction in the North American construction industry. Another concept that goes hand-in-hand with net-zero energy is net-zero water. The Daily Commercial News reported that a recent study was done in Washington, D.C. by NBI, International Living Future Institute, and Skanska’s commercial development arm. The purpose of the study was to forecast how much extra it would cost a project owner to upgrade a building from LEED Platinum to net-zero energy, net-zero water and Living Building certification.(5/8/2014) Read article

New Approach To Energy Code Compliance Clears Hurdle

Building owners, facility managers and design teams working toward high energy performance buildings have a potential new ally in the IgCC. The development committee reviewing new proposals for enhancing the IgCC voted to approve a proposal that would add a first-ever outcome-based compliance path in a model energy code. Today's Facility Manager reports that testimony submitted by an assortment of industry representatives, including NBI, was enough to convince the committee to favor the proposal. (5/12/2014) Read article

Design Shifts To Performance

Right now in the building industry it feels like there is a huge leap project teams and building owners are trying to make from targeting design improvements, beyond energy codes and standards, to targeting real performance and measurements. Neil Bulger, a Professional Engineer with Integral Group, writes in his blog and mentions NBI’s work. (4/3/2014) Read more

Industry Proposes Innovative Method for Implementing Green Construction Code

An “Outcome-based Pathway,” was submitted as a proposed code change to the International Green Construction Code (IgCC). It appears in the monograph of IgCC proposed changes that the International Code Council released March 15, 2014 for public review. This pathway was developed as a result of representatives and organizations coming together under the leadership of the National Institute of Building Sciences. Organizations include NBI, Institute for Market Transformation and Colorado Chapter of the International Code Council. (3/18/2014) Read article

Zero-Energy Revolution Will Happen

Ralph DiNola, Executive Director, spoke at MIPIM, the leading international real estate event for property professionals. His presentations were "Getting to zero today: how zero net energy buildings will define the next decade of development" and "Retrofit strategy and smart buildings: towards high-performance buildings". The event, in it's 25th year, took place March 11-14 in France. (3/12/2014) Read article

2014 Getting to Zero Status Update

Several recent newsletter articles have referenced NBI's "2014 Getting to Zero Status Update", in addition to the radio story, OR Middle School Makes the Grade for "Zero Net Energy".

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Codes, Standards + Rating Systems

It’s time to increase our focus on building operations and occupancy issues. Mark Frankel, AIA, technical director for NBI and the Vision 2020 chair for Codes, Standards + Rating Systems wrote this article for EcoHome. Outcome-based policies, regulations, and incentives that promote ongoing building performance are critical to achieving 2030 goals. (12/9/2013) Read article

PECI tests New Buildings Institute’s plug load energy use metrics at HQ

Building Design + Construction reported, that NBI developed the first ever set of plug load energy use metrics, which will allow commercial building owners and managers to more easily gain insight into their buildings’ energy use and become more energy efficient. Earlier this year, PECI used the NBI metrics to assess plug load energy use at PECI headquarters. These efforts resulted in an 18 % kWh reduction of PECI’s plug load. (11/06/2013) Read article