Lighting in commercial buildings is responsible for 38% of electricity consumption. When we look at total energy consumed in commercial buildings, lighting is the largest individual use of power accounting for one fifth (20%) of the combined energy total.

NBI has made lighting, along with the integration of daylighting and controls, a primary target for energy savings by supporting a variety of projects focused on energy efficiency, education, outreach and research. To that end, we have developed two tools to help design teams improve energy performance of lighting systems in commercial buildings.

Advanced Lighting Guidelines

Advanced LightingALG Logo Guidelines is now updated and online! ALG Online provides all the rich information of the printed Advanced Lighting Guidelines with expanded Application and Luminaire Directories, a community page and glossary. Read More


Daylighting Pattern Guide

This free, interactive tool showcases real-world examples and advanced simulation to help designers integrate daylighting. It presents a variety of commercial building types including offices, schools and warehouses across a variety of climate zones and reduces the need for modeling. Learn more in this factsheet.

Daylighting Pattern Guide website