Advanced Design

Design Guidance

Advanced Buildings is a suite of tools and resources to help design teams create high performance buildings. Advanced Buildings guidance and other information describes what works in energy-efficient building design strategies and low-
energy technologies. Read More

Existing Buildings

Buildings account for nearly 40 percent of the energy consumed in the United States. Typical commercial buildings use, on average, twice the energy of efficient buildings. With roughly 80 billion square feet of existing commercial space in the United States, updating existing buildings is a critical pathway to meeting climate and energy policy goals, utility efficiency targets and real estate objectives. Read more

Getting to 50 and Beyond

NBI’s Getting to 50 initiative looks at design strategies and policy issues that will create buildings that are 50% more energy efficient than current standards. A survey in 2007 found that only one in 1,000 buildings met this level of performance.  Net-zero-energy buildings are the ultimate goal; NBI's Getting to 50 efforts create the stepping stones to get there. Read More

Leading Edge

The Leading Edge Student Design Competition seeks to support and enhance the study of sustainable and energy-efficient building practices in architectural education. We invite students and instructors of architecture to explore the use of new materials and strategies for buildings that approach the goal of zero-net energy use. Leading Edge Website