Advanced Buildings

NBI works to accelerate market adoption of viable design practices that will improve commercial building performance. We take our experience in best practices for high performance building design strategies and technology application and develop that knowledge into guidance to help design teams and owners improve building efficiency. That guidance is available as Advanced Buildings tools and information. Learn more in this factsheet.

Core Performance Guide

The cornerstone of Advanced Buildings is Core Performance, a prescriptive path to small- and mid-size buildings that perform up to 30% better than model energy codes. The Core Performance program brings together over 30 criteria defining high performance in building envelope, lighting, HVAC, power systems and controls. Core Performance Guide

Advanced Lighting Guidelines

Advanced Lighting Guidelines (ALG) is now updated and online! While the ALG has been offered in book form for years, the new edition is available online -- more current, more searchable, and more comprehensive -- with information covering vision and lighting research, current lighting technologies and best-practice design strategies. ALG Online Website

Daylighting Pattern Guide

This free, interactive tool showcases real-world examples and advanced simulation to help designers integrate daylighting. It presents a variety of commercial building types including offices, schools and warehouses across a variety of climate zones and reduces the need for modeling. Daylighting Pattern Guide website

Plug Load Best Practices Guide

The Plug Load Best Practices Guide outlines no-cost and low-cost measures for reducing the energy and costs associated with plug loads, or any device that is plugged into a building’s electrical system—think computers, printers and data servers. The guide helps office managers, facilities managers and occupants alike manage the growing plug load associated with office equipment. More on the Plug Load Best Practices Guide