MEEA Webinar: Bringing Net-Zero Energy to Public Buildings

Amy Cortese, Associate Director, will co-present during this webinar on Wednesday, May 31, 12 p.m. CDT/ 10 a.m. PDT. The webinar will feature two net-zero energy public building projects in the Midwest, highlighting the reasons that they decided to go net zero, how they secured funding and what stakeholders were key in the process. Attendees will also learn about a new resource from the New Buildings Institute that can assist the public sector in reaching their net-zero energy goals.

ZNE for Local Governments

This four-hour workshop is designed to give local government staff the information, tools, and confidence to create and drive progress toward zero net energy goals. Case studies show how cities can be leaders within their own public building portfolios by creating a clear code and policy roadmap, and by transforming the market through public awareness. We will review how to achieve climate goals through ZNE pilot projects, deep energy retrofits starting with municipal building benchmarking and portfolio analysis, ZNE codes, financial incentives, ZNE recognition, and other tactics. In addition to sharing examples of successful plans and ZNE-ready policies, small working groups will develop their own ideas utilizing training materials. This workshop will be held in conjunction with the Statewide Energy Efficiency Forum. See details

ZNE for Existing Buildings

This four-hour workshop will outline best practice steps and approaches to comprehensively enhance the energy performance of existing buildings to Zero Net Energy. The workshop will investigate retrofit opportunities in individual buildings as well as how advanced benchmarking can help prioritize opportunities across a portfolio. We will review technologies, approaches, processes as well as portfolio project prioritization methods. Case studies of building strategies and technologies will be presented including advanced strategies a design team can take to achieve ZNE on an existing building. The training will address operation and maintenance considerations, including energy monitoring for ongoing building performance. See details