Agenda: Deep Savings in Existing Buildings Summit

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Even though achieving deep savings in existing buildings was barely on the radar a short time ago, NBI and National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP) have identified over 50 projects nationally that have achieved a deep level of savings. Multiple participants at the Summit have direct experience with some of these projects.  The summit begins on Wednesday, September 14 at 6 p.m. with an informal dinner reception where participants will share case studies and lessons learned during some of these projects that have achieved deep energy savings.  

On Thursday morning, we will hear from a variety of programs that are beginning to address deep savings head on.  Brief presentations will be provided by Rocky Mountain Institute, national labs, Living City Block, NEEA’s building renewal project and other ground breaking efforts, most of them in early development stages. 

NBI and NTHP are focusing their efforts to develop technical and market approaches to a series of common buildings found across the U.S.  On Thursday afternoon, breakout groups will dive into a few building specific prototypes to address the following key areas:

  • Technical solutions – What are common technical solutions and do these vary for different project conditions?
  • Information flows – What are the key pieces of information needed to initiate projects and support the effectiveness of deep savings over time?
  • Ownership structure – How does the ownership structure impact the market approach and strategy for deep retrofits?
  • Delivery methods – How can the project delivery methods and incentives be structured  to support deep savings?

We can’t expect different results if we don’t change our strategies.  On Friday morning, the group will build on the outcomes of the breakout sessions and identify programmatic, policy and market approaches that can accelerate deep energy savings in the existing building market.


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